VERBREUIL is born from the passion of a French family for art, design and beautiful materials. This quintessentially Parisian Haute Maroquinerie house offers a collection that marries visually striking and elegant style with outstanding craftsmanship and discerning leather selection.

Entirely handmade in France, each piece is made by the same craftsman, expert in the traditional leatherwork techniques. A special care is given to each and every detail both outside and inside in order to create a bag with this very high level of refinement – the real ‘artisanal perfection’.

Designed with a strong and recognizable style, the VERBREUIL collection is unique. Sleek lines, refined details, architectural elegance… the models are timeless, yet modern and creative.

Every detail reflects the sophistication and level of precision that is VERBREUIL’s signature: a soft round handle in crocodile leather, a thin and light double-strap, a side that opens up like a delicate fan, and a harmonious interplay of contrasting leathers.

The VERBREUIL collection is entirely handmade in France. Each piece is manufactured by the same craftsman from start to finish : more than 100 different steps are needed for some of the models.

All begins with the cut of all the different pieces making up the bag – up to 80 for some of them – making sure to follow the very specific sizes.

Once cut, the different pieces will be prepared through 2 key steps to ensure the elegance and the high end quality of the final piece :

  • – The splitting techniques (« refente » in french), to match the requested thickness with a precision at a 1/10th mm.
  • – The trimming (‘parage’ in french), to adjust the edges of each leather piece.
  • Once all elements have been prepared, the craftsman can start the making of the bag. To do so, he will put together then sew the different pieces (leathers and reinforcements) and start building the bag until the final assembly.

    In parallel, he will realise all the fine-tunings with the polishing of the sides (« bords francs » in french), the handles, the straps, the puller… all the details which are the signature of an ultimate refinement.

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