An exclusive piece crafted in the finest skins, your VERBREUIL bag is unique.

As a noble and natural material, leather deserves to be cherished and needs some little attentions to keep its radiance overtime.

  • – Your bag will appreciate to be treated gently and not being charged excessively.
  • Spare your bag from rain or long sun exposure
  • It needs to alternate periods of use and rest. During the resting period, make sure to put it in its dust bag and preserve it from humidity or heat. Do no hesitate to put some bubble wrap inside to allow it to keep its original shape and smooth its leather.
  • If you want to pamper it further, here are some additionnal advices

    > To revive the skin radiance of your pieces in grained calf or mat exotic leather, 3 to 4 times a year, please proceed as follows :

  • Start by removing the dust with a silky hair brush.
  • Then and using a soft cloth, apply a thin layer of a delicate leather care cream (without silicone) and gently massage it with a circular gesture, both outside and inside, making sure not to forget the edges.
  • > Lastly, and to sublimate your grained calf piece further (and this only applies for grained calf), once or twice a year, proceed to a deeper cleaning using a specific cleansing milk. Don’t forget to end it up with a care cream massage.

    Please note that this ritual doesn’t apply to shiny exotic leathers which require a very specific care and for which we recommand to consult us.

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